Thursday, January 17, 2013

Long Con Lance

He struggled and survived cancer, setup a foundation to help others who have it then went for the impossible – won Tour De France 7 times! Who wouldn’t be smitten? Ever since the first win he was accused of cheating and the accusations kept coming but he fought and proved them wrong in every forum. Did he really? He? Who’s a larger-than-life, against-all-odds victorious hero? But now it makes sense: He’s rarely caught smiling on cam and he doesn’t mingle with riders other than his teammates - because he’s a false champ who conned us all, this guy Lance Armstrong.


  1. Quote is faked. Original story is parody. Permission granted, but you need to credit Pilot Fire.

  2. Thanks David. It's one hilarious parody I know and the faked quote with the bust is too good to resist. Anyway, Pilot Fire is hyperlinked in the post. I hope it's enough credit. Cheers!